Did you know how much work it takes to put together an online store? The answer is apparently "quite a lot."

Don't despair. You can still shop my wares in other galaxies: namely Etsy, TeePublic, and Zazzle. Better yet, you can become a Fat Girl Fan over on Patreon and get sneak peeks and discounts!

Shop Fat Girl Media Etsy

This is, by far, the best place to buy from me right now. I get most of the profits, so purchases directly support me. I have prints from 5x7 up to 11x17, 2.25in round buttons, stickers, and a limited number of T-shirts (sized medium up to 6XL). I'm adding new products every week, so keep an eye on it so you can grab what you want.

Shop Fat Girl Media on TeePublic

Best place to buy clothing of my designs. In fact, you can buy nothing but clothing or tote bags here. As a small business, I can't afford to carry stock of every design I have on T-shirts. So, while I only make an average of $4/sale, it's still something, and you get a cool product. That's a win to me. I've got shirts for my fellow feminists, fats and fitness folks, geeks, the cheeky among you, and those of you who aren't trying to say anything and just want a cool new shirt.

Shop Fat Girl Media on Zazzle

Also a work in progress. (You'll see why in a minute.) Zazzle is where I sell goods I can't carry in stock myself. I don't sell clothing through here, because their prices are exorbitant. I set my profit margins, and I set them low so things are as affordable as Zazzle will let me make them. This store is a labour of love for you, so you can enjoy my designs on products of your choice, even if I get literally pennies from your purchase.

Join the Fat Girl Family on Patreon

I am a real human, creating real art from scratch, all day every day. My story is pretty cool, too, I think. I'm a former fundamentalist Christian who is now a queer disabled secular humanist who spends my time trying to make my corner of the world a better place. You'll get more insight into my design process, along with updates about my life (and my pets! let's not forget about the royalty of my house), discounts on new in-house products, the occasional Story-Time with Dani (where Dani comes out and reads you a story!), and even a little welcome package if you choose to give $3 or more a month. Join the family. I'd love to have you.