Promotional Items: A Poll!

A black chalkboard with a large white question mark drawn in chalk.

As I’m working on my 2022 Fat Girl Media plans, I’m trying to gather some data to inform how I move forward in different ways. One way I hope to expand in the coming year is sending personalized branded gifts to individuals and companies/organizations. But rather than just throwing random products at random folks, I’d like to make sure such things are desirable and well-targeted.

So I’ve created a form for you! For all of you!

Branded Gifts: Yay or Nay? Fill out the poll!

While I’m trying to be thorough in what I ask, please don’t let the 11 sections intimidate you! Not all of them will apply to you. But if you’ve gotten branded gifts in the past both as an individual and as part of a larger group, you can fill it out twice!

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