Abortion is a Human Right

Abortion is a human right, and it’s time we start saying it as plainly as we can. Many folks consider the word itself too taboo to even talk about. But it’s not. We’ve got to normalize the operation and normalize plain speech when fighting for reproductive rights.

This design came from reflection on being raised as a right-wing conservative “pro-life” (forced-birth) Christian to growing into an a leftist secular humanist pro-choice adult. The journey itself is easy to follow, but what sparked it? What even opened my mind to begin to question the pro-life movement?

Exposure to people and opinions that weren’t like me or mine. The awareness that exposure brought. Education. Listening. Visibility.

And that’s something I can contribute — providing art to help initiate change and bolster those of us who need reminded that access to abortion is access to medical care.

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