A red and white illustration on a black background. The illustration is of a snarling baboon face, the left half of which is a skull stripped bare of flesh and the right half being whole. There's blood on his fangs that matches the red of his fur highlights (which look both like stylized fur and flames), and his eyes are the same ruby red. In blackletter old-English text above him is written, "Dividing Face."

Dividing Face T-Shirt Illustration

By Dani Ward | July 13, 2021

Completed October 2019 for Richmond VA rock band, Dividing Face. Baboons are the last of the old-world monkeys and have incredibly expressive faces that can be utterly terrifying when teeth are bared in a snarl. They seemed like the perfect “bad-ass animal” to portray a hard rock band called Dividing Face.

By Appointment Only

By Dani Ward | March 27, 2023
The "BMI is Bullshit" design focuses on those words, with "BMI" looking more "professional," "is" in a starburst, and "bullshit" scrawled in red marker. The lettering is surrounded by (and threaded through) with several small illustrations of tools like measuring tape, stethoscope, water bottle, and forks along with activities like running shoes and video games, and finally food items like oranges, cupcakes, eggs, and tacos.

BMI is Bullshit

By Dani Ward | October 25, 2022

Burn Everything

By Dani Ward | March 27, 2023
Artwork by Fat Girl Media. Messy painted ink illustration of a human skull with the top removed, steaming brains visible with some of them in a spoon floating above the skull. There are bubbles coming off the brains. The skull is facing the left, where the phrase "brains are fragile soup" is lettered, with the author of the quote (Kieryn Darkwater) written small beneath.

Brains are Fragile Soup

By Dani Ward | November 4, 2022
An inky watercolor-like illustration of a rib cage with honeycomb lungs is on a black background. There are bees flying and crawling around the ribcage and lungs. Beneath the illustration is a haiku I wrote in anxious all-caps and small normal letters, reading "anxiety is / bees buzzing in my chest, and / I'm afraid of bees."

Anxiety Bees

By Dani Ward | October 25, 2022
A striking illustration of a thin, gaunt person's tormented face. They have the phrase "I have no mouth" carved into their forehead, while "and I must scream" is carved where their absent mouth should be. They are ghostly pale (white, in fact), with desperately furrowed terrified brows and eyes bulging from their sockets. The veins in their eyes are almost beginning to burst, with a couple hints of blood seeping from their tear ducts. They have wild hair flying behind them — black with shocks of white, red, orange, and purple. The overall feeling of the piece is horror and speechlessness.

And I Must Scream

By Dani Ward | October 25, 2022
The phrase, "all shall be well," is written in script calligraphy, with the letters almost intertwining with one another. The phrase is white on an olive green background.

All Shall Be Well

By Dani Ward | October 25, 2022
Text reads, "Abortion is a human right," with the "Fat Girl Media" tag included. Text is written in large simple script within the arms of a stethoscope, with the tag appearing in the circular part of the scope. The cord is twisted into an infinity symbol, and the design is two-tone teal.

Abortion is a Human Right

By Dani Ward | October 19, 2022

Abortion is a human right, and it’s time we start saying it as plainly as we can. Many folks consider the word itself too taboo to even talk about. But it’s not. We’ve got to normalize the operation and normalize plain speech when fighting for reproductive rights. This design came from reflection on being raised…

"All Bodies are Good Bodies" is written in black script. The word "good" is most prominent and is in bold, cursive type. The words are surrounded by blue accents. The words "Fat Girl Media" are in blue at the bottom of the design.

All Bodies are Good Bodies

By Dani Ward | October 24, 2022