My First #ThankfulThursday

A blue button lies on a white patterned background. The button reads, "Without Justice, there can be No Love. bell hooks"

Starting this year, on the third Thursday of each month, I’ll be celebrating #ThankfulThursday. Why just once a month? Because I kinda feel like doing it every week can lend itself to an overabundance of ultimately cheap positivity. Also, there aren’t often a lot of changes in my week to week life. I’m boring. I like being boring! Nah, keeping it to once a month gives me the opportunity to do a round-up of any Big Things that happened during the month. And it gives me a place to thank the Fat Girl members by name.

So! Let’s get started, shall we?

On the first #ThankfulThursday, some people gave to me…

2 buttons, one red and one blue, are lying on a patterned surface. They bear the words of bell hooks from All About Love: New Visions, wherein she says, "Without justice, there can be no love."

A Chance for Inclusion. Laura from the Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates contacted me last month to order my “Without Justice, There Can Be No Love” buttons in bulk to include in care packages she was creating for her staff. I was thrilled and dumbfounded. I offered her a discount, but she kindly declined. She insisted on paying full price. I can’t tell you how much a difference even just one sale makes, let alone an order like this. She let me know that she’s putting the care package together this week and will send a photo sometime soon.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be involved with Planned Parenthood, even in this small way of bringing a smile to their staff. They’re doing such good, necessary work, especially as reproductive rights are under such vicious attack in the States. Thank you, Laura.

Belief in My Vision. The Fat Girl Media Patreon got a top-to-bottom shakeup for the new year. I’m thrilled to be offering more gifts and chances for community than ever before. And it seems other folks are excited, too! This month, my many thanks to all Fat Girl members, particularly the following:

  • Theresa H.
  • Theresa F.
  • Amanda G.
  • Bill
  • Julia
  • Lara
  • Shae
  • Edie
  • Kieryn



  • Dan
  • Kati
  • River
  • Korrine
  • Amanda M.
  • Kim
  • Lori
  • Holly
  • Beth
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