Psst. Awesome things are coming to the Fat Girl Media Patreon in 2022.

6 Reasons to Subscribe to the Fat Girl Media Patreon Every Fat Girl patron gets some pretty freaking sweet rewards, if I do say so myself. (And I do.) 1. 4 chances a year to win a shirt & poster 2. 30% off new products for 30 days 3. advance notice of all monthly TeePublic sales 4. monthly Discord live-streams & hangouts 5. behind-the-scenes content 6. random digital downloads

Being a business owner has really changed how I approach the beginning of a new year. In my personal life, I’ve never been one for making New Year’s Resolutions – I don’t like a calendar dictating my personal growth, which has far fewer data points than my business has. Because when it comes to Fat Girl Media, a new year offers opportunity for me to reflect on my successes and plan for growth.

As I’ve assessed where I’ve made progress and considered how I want to continue moving forward, two priorities became very clear to me. Firstly, I want to give back to my supporters in a far more tangible, rewarding way. Secondly, I want to interact with people on a more personal level in a community setting. And the Fat Girl Media Patreon is the best way for me to facilitate those things.

The resulting plan has me bouncing-on-my-toes levels of excited. Seriously. I’m so stoked.

Let’s take a look at what y’all have to look forward to in 2022, shall we?

More Ways to Join the Club

There are now 8 tiers of membership you can enjoy, expanded from the 5 there once was. All dollar amounts are in USD, but membership isn’t limited to the States!

  • Followers: $1/month
  • Fans: $3/month
  • Friends: $7/month
  • Folks: $15/month
  • Fam: $25/month
  • NEW! Freaks: $30/month
  • NEW! Force (only 8 spots available!): $40/month
  • NEW! Founders (only 5 spots available!): $50/month

Yes, they’re alliterative. Alliteration makes my brain happy. I’m a ginormous nerd, if you haven’t noticed.

More Perks

All Fat Girl Media patrons are getting a lot more for their money this year. Whether your investment is large or small, you can enjoy more goodies and more engagement. But of course, the higher the tier, the higher the prizes.

Continued: A Look Behind the Curtain ($1+)

Patrons will always be the first to know about any and all developments. This includes sneak peeks at art-in-progress, voting on new products, and heads-up on events I’ll be attending. But it’s not all business. You’ll get glimpses into my personal life as a queer disabled gaming artist dog-and-cat mom.

NEW! Contests ($1+)

Once every 3 months, patrons will have a chance to win a God of War T-shirt and a small poster or large print of their choice. How? By either being my favorite coloring page entry or my favorite haiku. (Why haikus? Because they’re my primary form of poetry!)

Continued and Revised: Exclusive New Product Discounts ($1)

Every time a new product launches on Etsy (and I swear to gods the shop here will launch this year, goddammit), subscribers will get a coupon code to get it for a whopping 30% offand they’ll have a full 30 days to use it.

Continued: Digital Downloads ($1+)

Every once in a while, I like to spoil members with digital downloads of things like coloring pages, prints, holiday cards, and more.

NEW/REVISED: Fat Girl Media Community on Discord ($1+)

I started a Discord server for Fat Girl Media a year or so. But, as I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use the platform, it sat dormant for most of that time. But it’s seen a revival! Connect with other Fat Girl fans and hang out with me during monthly live-streams. Higher tier patrons will have more permissions, like being able to start discussions (rather than just joining them!) and video chat with me one-on-one or during streams. The top 2 limited tiers will even have admin privileges, particularly to be able to quell any unrest or nonsense that may arise during times I’m unable to intervene. All patrons will get a link to the server in their welcome email. (Not sure how to gain access via Patreon? Here’s how to link your Patreon account to Discord.)

NEW! Monthly Shout-Outs, Everywhere ($3+)

Once a month, I’ll be telling the world all about these patrons. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you can see your name shared with the world every month. Sign up for emails here, too, because that’s getting way more use this year.

NEW! Welcome Gifts ($7+)

Fat Girl Friends ($7) and Folks ($15) will get welcome packages in 3 months (for current patrons) or 3 months after your subscription (for new patrons). Fat Girl Fam ($25), Freaks ($30), Force ($40), and Founders ($50) all get exclusive merch every 3 months. Of course, the value of the merch you get increases with your tier level, from stickers to posters and tote bags. It’s a great way to make all your friends and family super jealous.

Revised: Percentages Off Everything All the Time ($15+)

Whenever these membership levels wanna pick up anything from the shop, they’ll have an exclusive coupon code. Discounts range from 10% off your order for Fat Girl Fam up to 30% off for Fat Girl Founders. That’s a discount on every purchase, every time, for the duration of your subscription.

NEW and LIMITED: Small Commission ($50+)

This past year, I completely closed commissions. They were causing me a lot of anxiety and stress and I needed to take care of my mental health first and foremost. I’m happy to report that my creative, emotional, mental, and physical energy have recovered enough that I’m opening them back up…but in a quite limited, exclusive capacity. As in, only for 5 people. So if you’re looking for a minimalist portrait or short lettering phrase? I got you, boo. After 4 months of your subscription, I’ll shoot you a message so we can get started on that project together. You’ll get a high-resolution print-ready file, as well as images to share on your social profiles.

Come along for the ride!

I can hardly wait for the new year to begin. I’m so excited to connect with y’all more regularly and personally, and especially to shower you with presents to help you feel as awesome as you are. Every one of you is a magnificent BAMF, and I’m lucky to have your support.Become a Fat Girl Media Patron

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