It’s (almost) my birthday, so here’s a sale!

"Burn everything" in white, thin, swooping lettering, surrounded by thin white flames, all forming a circular design.

I’m turning 34 years old on Earth Day (April 22). So I thought, let’s change up the April Design of the Month sale and celebrate!

Now usually, there is one Design of the Month, and for one day, any product featuring that design is 20% off with a coupon code released to the public that morning. (Patrons get early access, though!)

But this month, I’ve picked 12 designs (that’s 42 products!), at a 22% discount. And I’m opening the sale to the public for 6 full days.

Monday, April 19 through Saturday, April 24

I’ll release the coupon code at 7am EST on Monday, April 19. Make sure you’re following me everywhere you’re regularly active online (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, Tumblr) so you don’t miss the announcement. Better yet, join my email list to get emails about every sale, new design, and any other news you might want to hear from me.

Why these designs?

One of the traits I’m trying to implement more regularly in my life is being very forthright. Being socialized as a woman from an incredibly conservative Christian denomination means that I’m often quick to smooth things over and make people like me. And I don’t want to live my life like that. So the designs I picked are my more…irreverent…designs. I’m celebrating this aspect of myself that I’m fostering and growing — and always tempering with humor and kindness to those who need it.

Want to see more?

All of my patrons get to see designs as I work on them, so they can give input and have a direct impact on what the final product looks like! Plus they always get at least 5 extra days for every Design of the Month sale, AND exclusive New Design sales. I like to give everybody freebies now and then, too, and I have random giveaways, as well. All of that is yours for just $1/mo. Or more, if you’re feeling generous. I won’t complain.

Go on. Join the cool kids. They’re waiting for you.

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